VENTURE COMMERCE CENTER - Albuquerque is a unique development consisting of 30 privately owned business properties ranging in size from about 1,225 to 3,205 square feet in five separate buildings.  At VENTURE COMMERCE CENTER, a company can own its real estate, often for much less than renting a comparable property.


At last, a company can receive the tax advantages of owning real estate and benefit from the growth in value over the years.  With every mortgage payment, the loan balance decreases, and owners create excellent long-term investments.  Finally, landlords will be a part of your past.


VENTURE COMMERCE CENTER - Albuquerque is located on the eastside of Eagle Ranch Road, in northwest Albuquerque.  The site is surrounded by a variety of amenities, all within walking distance.  Cottonwood Regional Mall, only two blocks away, has recently been renovated and expanded attracting some of the best retailers in the region, including Williams-Sonoma, Gap, Dillards, a Cineplex, and a dozen perimeter national chain of restaurants.

Albuquerque offers few opportunities for smaller companies to own their real estate.  Nothing like VENTURE COMMERCE CENTER exists anywhere else in the area.  These properties are ideally suited for businesses of all kinds.  Now, 30 companies are able to own their real estate, benefit from the value appreciation and tax advantages and, finally, say farewell to their landlords!

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Most of the VENTURE COMMERCE CENTER business properties include two-story offices on the front side and an unusually high 21-foot clear height Flex Area in the rear.  The Flex Area is commonly used for additional offices (often with commercial acoustic ceilings installed), research and development, warehousing, distribution, light manufacturing, high-tech operations and dozens of other applications.  Additionally, each building has two properties that are built out as all-office without a Flex Area.  These properties are either one or two stories. 

These Class-A buildings are constructed of steel-reinforced, raised concrete panels.  The office section in front is fully carpeted and equipped with a panelized ceiling system with integrated parabolic lighting and heating / air-conditioning system.  The second floors offer dramatic views and are designed for business offices, conference areas, laboratories, storage or other applications.  Commercial carpeting is installed in the first- and second-floor office areas of each building, and all interior walls are finished and painted.  Telephone and high-speed internet access is available.

The 30 VENTURE COMMERCE CENTER - Albuquerque properties are constructed in five separate buildings.  Adjacent  properties can be easily combined for larger applications.  Private parking is provided at 3.0 spaces per 1,000 square feet of building area.  Everything is exclusive, private, and contained within the individual properties.  Even parking spaces are privately dedicated.


Flex Property Floor Plan

Offices are heated and air-conditioned on both the first and second floor levels.  Two first-floor full bathrooms built in compliance with ADA regulations are included in the larger properties.  Smaller properties are built with one restroom.  On the rear side, each VENTURE COMMERCE CENTER flex property includes either a roll-up truck door or, for companies that require all-office applications, glass windows and a rear entry door.

On the closing date, VENTURE COMMERCE CENTER buildings are finished and ready for immediate occupancy.  Due to varying company requirements, the internal office walls are not included, but VENTURE COMMERCE CENTER offers the owner a choice of three alternative interior improvement plans that can be constructed prior to the close of escrow.  In addition, several highly regarded local contractors are available to construct custom interior improvements.  Click here to view the three sample space plans for each property.  The build-out costs for each plan is available upon request.


Site Plan

Every business property at VENTURE COMMERCE CENTER is assigned a private street address by the U.S. Post Office, as shown on the Site Plan above.



  • Class-A office building design.  Ideal for R&D.

  • Two-story office - finished ceilings at:  First Floor: 10 feet.  Second Floor: 9 feet.

  • High-quality commercial carpeting installed.

  • Panelized ceiling system with integrated parabolic lighting.

  • Heating / air-conditioning in office areas.

  • ADA-compliant restrooms installed.

  • 21-foot clear ceiling height in Flex Area.

  • Roll-up truck doors - convertible to glass walls and rear entry doors for all-office users.

  • High-speed internet access available.

  • High bay lighting installed in Flex Area.

  • 3.0 private parking spaces per 1,000 square feet.

  • Properties ready to move in at closing.

  • Located on Eagle Ranch Road, in northwest Albuquerque.


  • Costs of ownership are often well below cost of renting
    comparable properties.

  • Real estate tax benefits go to the property owner, not to a landlord.

  • Owner's equity increases every year as mortgage is paid down and property appreciates in value.

  • Easy to pre-qualify for immediate closing.

  • Custom interior improvements can be included in financing.





VENTURE COMMERCE CENTER properties can be purchased with a minimal 10% down payment using Small Business Administration (SBA) and other conventional financing programs that are arranged and ready to go.  The underwriting requirements are liberal, and many companies, both established and new, qualify easily.  The buyer invests only 10% in cash equity and pays loan fees and closing costs.  At today's low interest rates, the monthly payments are often well below market rents for comparable properties.


Financing is available from the Small Business Administration (SBA), GE Credit, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank and dozens of other sources.  As little as a 10% down payment is required.  Financing will also pay the cost of your custom interior improvements.  Both fixed and adjustable interest rate programs are available.  Qualification is quick and easy.

Sectional View of Flex Property


VENTURE COMMERCE CENTER offers these optional modifications:

Rear Windows / Doors:  The rear side of the larger Flex properties are built with either a roll-up truck door or, for all-office applications, glass storefront windows and a rear entry door.

Side Windows:  Additional side windows can be installed at both ends of all buildings.  Side walls are constructed with knock-out panels that can be replaced with additional windows.

Commercial Ceilings in the Flex Area:  Panelized ceiling system with integrated parabolic lighting can be installed throughout the rear Flex Area in buildings being used entirely as offices or laboratories.  The ceilings incorporate lighting, heating / air-conditioning and fire sprinkler systems.

Floor Covering in Flex AreaCommercial carpeting or hard-surface flooring can be installed throughout the Flex Area.  If the Flex Area is being used entirely for office purposes, the same carpet that is already installed in the front two-story office areas can be installed in the rear.

Flex Area Heating and Air Conditioning:  Companies that do not require commercial ceilings in the Flex Areas can order energy-efficient heating and/or air-conditioning systems to operate within their high ceiling areas.

Electrical Panels:  Electrical power supplies can be increased to meet individual user’s needs. All buildings are designed with electrical rooms equipped to handle the needs of larger power users.

VENTURE COMMERCE CENTER property owners include professionals in the legal, investment, technology, brokerage, engineering, sales, architecture, design, distribution, manufacturing, R&D and contracting industries, just to name a few.

VENTURE PROFESSIONAL CENTERS and VENTURE COMMERCE CENTERS are located throughout California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington.


Albuquerque's Private Ownership Properties
1,225 to 3,205
square feet