Click on an address below to view three typical space plans for the selected property.

The VENTURE COMMERCE CENTER developer can arrange to have this Space Plan constructed in this property. Please contact the sales agent for pricing and list of building materials.

Owners are free to use any contractor of their choice for their interior improvements and can complete the construction as shown on these Space Plans or in any other preferred layout.
  Building A Property A
  Building A Property B
  Building A Property C
  Building A Property D
  Building A Property E
  Building A Property F
  Building B Property A
  Building B Property B
  Building B Property C
  Building B Property D
  Building B Property E
  Building B Property F
  Buildings C & E Property A
  Buildings C & E Property B
  Buildings C & E Property C
  Buildings C & E Property D
  Buildings C & E Property E
  Buildings C & E Property F
  Building D Property A
  Building D Property B
  Building D Property C
  Building D Property D
  Building D Property E
  Building D Property E
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